About Us

Our Experience

With over 35 years in the Waste-to-Energy (WTE) industry,  JRT Consulting Services is dedicated to sharing our passion for renewal energy generation and material recovery & recycling - helping our clients to achieve and maintain their renewable energy & recycling goals. As an active part of your project team our wide range of project, construction and contract management experience  can help guide and  empower your team with the tools it needs to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth and help put you renewable energy & material recovery projects on a solid track to success. (WTE Facility Cross Section Courtesy of Covanta Fairfax, Inc - a special purpose subsidiary of Covanta Holding Crporation)

Our Approach

Our services includes a comprehensive consult to help each Client Project Team identify gaps and opportunities in the Project Plan. Working as a member of the Project Team, JRT Consulting Services  will support and enhance the  Project Plan by confirming timelines, identifying key negotiation issues and  milestones, reviewing and/or developing required cost analysis and implementation schedules. We have the experience to assist with full range of skills necessary to envision, develop, and then implement your Renewable Energy and Material Recovery/Recycling Project Plans.

Why Us?

Whether you are new to Renewable Energy Project planning or are well vested in the industry, JRT Consulting Services can assist. Be it looking to update or expand your existing WTE Facility, renegotiate the Service Agreement with your current WTE Facility Operator, integrate a larger portion of the Renewable Energy being generated for self use,  or, renegotiate your current Power Purchase Agreement - JRT Consulting Services has the hands on experience to help bring your project plan to successful fruition. Working together we can help you refine your plan for success. (Public Utilities Resource Integration Example - Courtesy of Hillsborough County, Florida - Public Utilities Department)